3 Big Advantages Of Working With Copper Recycling Services

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3 Big Advantages Of Working With Copper Recycling Services

3 September 2021
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Copper is probably the most recycled metal globally because of high demand for it in electrical uses in both residential and industrial settings. Today's electrical wiring uses copper because of its high conductivity. It is also an essential component in electronics such as cell phones, computers, and stereo amplifiers. Working with a copper recycling service has big economic and environmental benefits for any business.

1. Cheaper Than New Copper 

Recycling copper avoids the costly process of mining and refining new copper. Making new copper involves excavating and extracting the ore and then refining, smelting, and shipping the metal. It becomes more expensive if you are importing it because of trade tariffs. 

Copper recycling services can offer very economical copper prices. Recycling copper costs significantly less than mining new copper. There is an abundance of discarded items with copper. For example, buildings targeted for demolition usually have plenty of copper in the electrical wiring and plumbing. These services can recover huge amounts of copper with a copper cable granulator and wire stripping machine. 

You can save a lot of money by using recycled copper on big commercial projects that demand tons of copper wiring. The advantage is that copper is 100% recyclable. The recycled copper has all the structural strength and conductivity of new copper. 

2. Safer for the Environment 

Copper recycling services play a crucial role in promoting environmental sustainability. They help avoid the environmental destruction that occurs when mining and refining new copper. Most copper mines are open-pit mines. These large pits cause irreversible damage where they are excavated. 

The refining system produces toxic by-products, including radioactive compounds called radionuclides. The tailings left behind contain concentrates of pyrites and sulfites, which can oxidize to form sulfuric acid.  

Recycling copper is less harmful to the environment. It requires energy at a lower level than is needed to smelt new copper. Recycling makes the copper production footprint smaller because less fuel energy is burned for power. 

3. Provide Local Jobs 

Metal recycling provides many skilled and unskilled jobs. Locally, copper and aluminum recycling services take in waste metal from collectors who recover items from the local dumps, demolition sites, and homes.

Recycling services also employ skilled technicians to handle smelting and refining. The recycled copper is passed onwards to electrical equipment suppliers to be sold at competitive prices. This whole chain can be a big boost for the local economy.

Would you like to make your brand a more responsible global citizen? Contact a company that offers copper recycling services to learn more.