Make A Trash Removal Plan Before Your Next Move

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Make A Trash Removal Plan Before Your Next Move

17 September 2015
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Moving takes a lot of work. You have to go through and pack up your house and figure out what to do with everything that you don't want to keep, on top of cleaning up your old home and preparing your new home for your move. In order to reduce the stress of moving, make sure that you have a trash removal plan in mind before you start the moving process. Here are a few ways you can manage the trash that a moving generates.

Start Going Through Things Early

One way to reduce the amount of trash that you have to deal with on your moving day and the days leading up to your move is to spread out the process. As soon as you know that you will be moving, start going through each room of your house. If you don't have the time to go through a room a day, pick a side or an area of each room to go through each day.

As you go through each section of your home, throw away items that you don't need and create a donation pile. By slowly going through your home, over the course of a month or so, you'll be able to spread out the trash that your move generates over multiple trash days. You will also be able to identify items that you can donate instead of throw away, and you can drop these items off on a weekly basis as you make your way through your house.

Arrange For The Disposal Of Large Items

If you have any large items that you don't want to donate or take with you, you'll need to arrange for their disposal. If you have a pick-up truck, you can load up these large items and take them to your local dump.

However, if you don't have a truck, you can still get rid of larger items. Most waste management companies will pick up larger items for an additional fee. In order to have your larger items picked up, you'll need to call your waste management company. They may be able to pick them up on your regular garbage day; however, many waste management companies pick up larger items on a different day with a different truck than the one that picks up your regular garbage.

Most waste management companies will ask you to leave your large items on the curb for pick-up; they will not come into your house or yard to pick up items. You may need to get someone to help you move these items out to the curb. Make sure you arrange any assistance you need before pick-up day.

Rent A Dumpster

If you already know that you will be getting rid of a large quantity of items, and that you will not be able to spread out your trash over a couple of weeks, you may want to rent a dumpster. Renting a dumpster allows you all the room that you need to get rid of both small and large items without worrying about overflowing your trash can.

Before you start planning your next move, make sure you develop a trash plan for moving. You can spread out the trash you generate by going through your home slowly over the course of a month, or you can rent a dumpster in order to get rid of everything all at once. It really depends on your trash needs. Call a waste management company such as B-P Trucking Inc and see what additional services, such as large item disposal and dumpsters, they can provide you with.