Making Money Recycling Junk Cars: How To Get Better Profits

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Making Money Recycling Junk Cars: How To Get Better Profits

4 September 2015
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When it comes to junking old cars, you can make a lot of money in recycling them. Running or not, cars that are no longer in use contain a lot of valuable metal, and even the tires can be worth money. If you want to get the most out of junk cars, learn how to make better profits. Here's how you can get the most money for recycling junk cars.

Make sure they run

Most junkyards or recycling centers will charge a fee for picking up a junk car, which means you end up losing money in the sale. If you can, only junk cars that are still running but otherwise too expensive to repair. Or, make sure you have a trailer so you can haul nonworking junk cars to their destination yourself for recycling. You avoid convenience and transportation fees in doing this.

Call around

Every junkyard will give you a different price for your junk car, so call around for the best deal. Make sure you know the make and model of your junk car and its overall condition so you can get an accurate quote. Some recycling centers and junkyards are interested in tires while others are not, and this can affect your final selling price. You want to know all these things prior to choosing a recycling center to sell your car to.

Remove working parts

If you really want to make money with junk cars, consider removing all the working parts of the vehicle prior to selling the body to a recycling plant. Valuable parts include the battery, solenoid, starter, tires, and water pump. Other valuable parts, especially if you are junking an older car, are aesthetic (light covers, steering wheel, bucket seats, etc). You can sell these parts individually and still scrap the remaining body of the vehicle to a recycling plant for the best profit. 

You can sell the parts to a junkyard or sell them individually online or in your local newspaper. This process may take more time, but if you have a lot of vehicles to recycle and many of them have parts worth keeping, you can make a nice side profit in selling used parts.

When you are in the business of making money with junk cars, you can maximize your profits in a few ways. From selling the body of the vehicle independent from usable parts to price shopping before you sell, you can make the most of this venture. Visit TVM Recycling for more information about junk car recycling.