Did Your DIY Ex Leave A Garage Full Of Stuff? 5 Things That Cannot Be Thrown Away

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Did Your DIY Ex Leave A Garage Full Of Stuff? 5 Things That Cannot Be Thrown Away

2 September 2015
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Having years together with someone could mean having years of stuff piling up throughout your home and your garage. If your ex was a DIY type of person and left behind a mess, you may be ready to get rid of it all. However, you should be careful of what you throw away. Besides being bad for the environment wasting away in a landfill, there are some items that could land you with a fine. Be cautious of these five items that should be disposed of properly.

1. Electronics

It may surprise most people, but you shouldn't toss electronics in the trash. Most electronics, like TVs, cell phones, clocks, cameras, and computers, contain high amounts of damaging metals. These metals don't break down properly when placed in landfills. The best way to get rid of electronics is to take them to a recycling center. Many stores also offer trade-in credit for electronics that are brought in, which can add up to a nice amount of cash.

2. Lightbulbs

You can dispose of most light bulbs in a regular trash can. However, fluorescent bulbs have a bit of mercury inside, which can cause issues if the bulb is ever broken. Several home improvement stores offer disposal services.

3. Paint

While it may be tempting to dump a can of paint down a drain or throw it in the trashcan, this can lead to some harmful chemicals getting into the environment. This is true for any varnishes, strippers, or stains as well. If the containers are full, they can usually be returned where you purchased them without a hassle. Partially used containers can be taken to waste centers or donated to places that might need the extras, like schools or non-profit organizations.

4. Batteries

Very few people know how to dispose of batteries properly. Because batteries contain certain metals that are harmful to the environment, most must be disposed of in a specific manner. Most home improvement or electronic stores accept recycled batteries. Turn in alkaline, zinc-carbon, lithium, and zinc batteries to a household hazardous waste (HHW) facility. Watch batteries can be turned into jewelry or watch stores.

5. Motor Oil

Like paint, it can be tempting to throw the motor oil away or wash it down a drain. However, pouring motor oil out improperly is illegal in many places. This is because motor oil can soak into the ground or pollute water treatment plants. In fact, it takes very little oil to contaminate large quantities of water. Thankfully, motor oil can be disposed of at most automotive stores or local mechanics. If there are none around, it can be taken to most recycling centers.

Cleaning out an exes old things won't just clean a space, it will begin the process of healing from the broken relationship. As long as you dispose of the DIY items properly, cleaning it out will be the perfect start to a new life and avoid fines.

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