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I began taking an interest in every aspect of recycling when an area close to my hometown was destroyed by people dumping off trash and unwanted items. This area was down a long dirt road that was rarely used by anyone other than those looking for a scenic drive on a nice day. I took part in the clean-up effort and that was when my recycling obsession was sparked. From that point on, I have stopped along the road to pick up trash and dumped off items. Once I have these items, I do my best to break them down and recycle every element possible. This blog will show you all kinds of things about recycling that you may not already know.


3 Tips For Recycling Your Household Plastics

9 April 2019
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Your household is a mixture of the habits and activities that fill your everyday life. Recycling is something that should always be part of your family's everyday life. Close to 300 million tons of plastic is created each year, and of that 300 million a lot of the recyclable plastics get tossed in the trash. If you look around your kitchen, you will probably see a whole lot of plastics that could be recycled instead. Read More …